How to Make money by sharing files -Filesonic

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What is FileSonic?
FileSonic is a file sharing service (much like Hotfile, Rapidshare or Megaupload) that allows you to upload your files (both normal upload from your computer, via FTP or remote upload of files already online). Through the unique URL provided you can let people download your files.

How do I make money?

Simple, whenever someone downloads your uploaded file, you make money! FileSonic is one of the best file sharing sites when it comes to prices. FileSonic pays up to $30/1000 downloads, which is currently unmatched by any other file sharing site that does not force the visitor to do surveys or similar. This rate however, depends on the country of the downloading visitor and the size of the file he downloads (see picture: Pay-per-download rates).

Affiliate program

FileSonic also lets you make money, when people register for a Premium account through your files. Specifically you get 60% commission, which could easily make you a lot of cash. Premium pricing ranges from $9 (30 days) to $55 (365 days). These prices are for just one sale.

How to receive payment

You get paid weekly (on Fridays) if you have made minimum $15 (don't worry, you will easily reach this). You get paid through Paypal, ePassporte, Webmoney or bank wire (on request). It does not get any easier than this.

Tips & Tricks

 There are several ways to promote your FileSonic-files. Here are just a few ideas for you:
  • YouTube
  • Digg
  • Blogger
  • Torrent-sites (it is not recommended to upload copyrighted material even though this could make you a lot of money.)
  • Create your own download-site (this will take some time, but is sure to pay off if you promote your site well.)

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